MOCOM high brightness SCREENS

small_mocom-3d-logoThe screens are Mocom High brightness (high gain) and Day viewable. Eredus / Gain: to 26.Mocom screens are based on patented technology, which ensures the best image quality in virtually all situations.



BRIGHT SCREEN – High brightness projector screens. Available materials brightnesses 2-16. Available ready for a screen or a rear surface of the sticky material (To create the screen itself). Design Corner 0 – 10°. Maximum brightness (gain 16) angle of 20 °. Projection material is viewable under strong light, and even in direct sunlight. Sizes 50 "to 110 "

  • Gain 2-16
  • Max gain: 16.
  • Horisontak half gain /-10°
  • Vertical Half Gain /-10°
  • The viewing angle of 120 °



Projection screens are well suited for use in advertising. Mounting Positions: windows, Glass partitions, walls and floors. The range is also strongly visible light screens.


We offer 7 different types of rear-projection screen material.

  1. Transparent rear projection film
  2. White rear projection film
  3. The mirror projection of a film (projector screen is not working with a reflective surface)
  4. Double white rear projection film - 360 angle, without adhesive
  5. Hall rear projection film
  6. Dark gray rear projection film
  7. Black rear projection film

The width of the material 1524 mm (60″) Length according to customer requirements. Clear and Dark Grey projektsioonkile have to get up to 1828mm (72″) width.


OTHER FILM transparency; (Nutikile / Smart Film)

Allows you to create a surface that displays the screen is not working at the time needed to be made transparent. More information here.



LOGO PROJECTION different surfaces

Easy and fast way to display your logo or message on different surfaces.

Fun to see these pictures.

No more advertising stickers or light sauce. Projectors Logo (also called gobo projectors) the power 10 -1000in, to choose from to match all conditions. Logo / Gobo Projector for sale and rent, and TEIE logo gobo'de Preparation.

Projectors are available in different light intensities and capacity. LED projector: 10The – 100The, 100w HID projectors – 3000in. Most used:

40in LED: design distance: up to 6m; No amount of up to 2m

80in LED: design distance : up to 10m; No amount of up to 5m

150the HID: design distance: up to 20m: Logo size up to 8m



From now on, we can provide our customers with the latest solutions in the field of video presentation. The screen can be combined in different places for different purposes, and. The screen behind the objects will be visible, It is also seen in the content of the screen. The new system is ideally suited for carrying out promotional and product information, Similarly, we can also create this object's outstanding modern home furnishings. Screens are available in sizes 12.1″ up to 47″. Ask us for more info and listings. I believe that we can find all your ideas for carrying out the appropriate solutions.


Touchscreens SOLUTIONS

Interactive table, be, floor … – LCD or projection system based on the surface of the touch screen systems.

Interaktiivne Kiosk / interaktiivne infoekraan – range has been enhanced screen and vandalism resistant variants, as well as the systems in the office, point of sale or use in fairs. Screens sizes 15 – 55 removed.

All systems are fully customizable according to customer requirements engineering and software.

Klaas info kiosk

Touch systems:

  • InfraRed – Infrared Touch Screen
  • Optical imaging touchscreen – optical monitoring-based touch-screen
  • Touch film – touch screen film

Interactive Systems Operating possibilities are endless, for example:

  • Moving the 3D model displayed on product information pages to view and its various features,.
  • Various information systems, up from the tourist information and maps of public transport sõiduplaanideni.
  • Your shop will be open 24/7 with online services: the customer can view the information about the various products that interest him, leave you with e-mail messages or even make purchases through the online-store systems.
  • You can even create an interactive kiosk, screens where customers can choose what you want (such as ticket sales, or a vending machine, etc).