We also sell special materials, and possess a certificate Avery autokiletamise.

Paint protection film – vehicle parts, electronic devices and other surfaces to protect scratches and nicks to fear. Paint protection film is transparent, extremely good protection properties. The film is stretchable, self adhesive. The film used is slightly tacky adhesive, so it is an easy removal of the protective film, and do not require additional chemicals to clean the surface for later.

Anti-Fog Film – Used in places where there is a need to protect the glass surfaces caused by humidity began to blur for. Points of use, for example, the windows, refrigerators with glass doors, the mirrors in the bathroom, and so on.

anti fog film

Screen protection film – Very good protective properties of the film that is primarily intended for use in electronic equipment (mobile phones, läptopide, jne.) screens and casings to protect against scratches. The film is very long-lived, and suffered extreme circumstances.


Nutikile – Elektrioonikine film, that can be changed according to need either transparent or opaque. Use spaces between the glass walls to create privacy, ideal for use in the projector screen. Modern alternative to blinds and ribikardinatele.

also called: (smartfilm, smartglass, smart glass, electric film, switchable film, switchable glass, electric glass)

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Whiteboard film – Easily mounted to all smooth surfaces. Dryapply dry mounting system. Transparencies for writing with chalk or tahvlimarkeritega. The range is also used by the projector screen blackboard film.

Reflective Fabrics – For retro-reflectors or clothes security features are needed to produce luminous materials. Reflective Fabrics, transfer materjal, the reflex of self-adhesive film.

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Other materials – Afterglow films, Metal Film (ferro-film), Magnetic film, etc.